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Are your kids restless and energetic? Try any of these Active Play items to focus their energy! Shop Activity Play items that are designed specifically for children to explore, learn, and have fun while doing so. You will find Active Play items for infants and toddlers as well as school age children. You will also find items for indoor and outdoor facilities.

Whether you are looking to update equipment at a school, childcare facility, these Active Play items are the perfect solution for playtime. These items will also keep kids moving, which is essential for a healthy growth and development.

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Inflating Needles, Pack of 3
Product ID: CS-INB
Hi Visibility Fluorescent Poly Cones, Select Size
Product ID: CS-TCX
Licorice Speed Rope, Select Color & Length
Product ID: CS-SPXX
Plastic Segmented Jump Rope, Select Color & Size
Product ID: CS-PRX
Champion Sport Table Tennis Racket, 5 Ply, Wood
Product ID: SS1506842
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Super-Safe Polyurethane Foam Big E Golf Ball, Yellow
Product ID: SS005891
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Licorice Speed Rope, Orange Handle, 16'
Product ID: CS-SPR16
DOM Floor Hockey Puck
Product ID: SS089132
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Balls - Plastic - Golfball - White Set of 12
Product ID: SS1503875
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Product ID: CS-IP12
Ball Bag
Product ID: CS-BC10
Champion Sport Table Tennis Racket, 7 Ply, Wood
Product ID: SS1506843
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Coated Foam Baseball or Softball, Yellow
Product ID: SS009188
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Playground Ball Red, Two Sizes
Product ID: CS-PGXRD
Balls - Plastic - Baseball Assorted Colors Set of 6
Product ID: SS1503869
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DOM SuperSafe Floor Hockey Puck, Yellow
Product ID: SS009295
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Whistles, Plastic or Metal, Pack of 12
Product ID: CS-X01
Rubber Individually React - 2 Ball, Yellow
Product ID: SS1275418
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Lanyards, Select Color, Pack of 12
Product ID: CS-126XX
Balls - Plastic - Softball - Assorted Colors Set of 6
Product ID: SS1503872
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Bucket & Scoop Set
Product ID: MTC812
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Sand Sifters
Product ID: MTC813
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Super-Safe Playground Ball
Product ID: SS009587
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Soccer Ball, Size 3
Product ID: CS-SRB3
Playground Ball, Select Size & Color
Product ID: CS-PGXXX
Fun, Fitness & Learning, Grade 1
Product ID: CDPKE-804095
Chenille Kraft Yellow FluffBalls, Set of 12
Product ID: SS005177
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Junior Foam Football, Yellow
Product ID: SS089125
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Mini Badminton Racquet
Product ID: SS009523
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Basketball, Mini Size, 7
Product ID: CS-RBB5
Stiga 3-Star Table Tennis Ball, White, Pack of 6
Product ID: SS1502778
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Snowtime Snowballs 6 Pack
Product ID: PV7502
$9.99  $8.49
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Coated High Density Foam Ball, Football, Junior
Product ID: CS-FFC
Heavy Duty Plunger Athletic Pump with Hose, 12
Product ID: SS1004699
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White ShuttleCocks, Set of 12
Product ID: SS007664
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Basketball, Junior Size
Product ID: CS-RBB2
Hi Visibility Fluorescent Plastic Cones, Set of 6
Product ID: CS-TC9SET
Mesh Ball Bag, Nylon, Red
Product ID: SS1005614
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Walking Rope
Product ID: BNWWRxxx
Fun, Fitness & Learning, Grades PreK-K
Product ID: CDPKE-804082
Max FourSquareBall
Product ID: SS015926
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Non-Sting Volleyball Official Size
Product ID: SS030165
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