Art Furniture

Child-guided art and craft experiences, inspire creative expression, increase fine motor skills, and strengthen shape, line, and color knowledge. Encourage imagination and creativity with a variety of supplies including paint, collage materials, crayons, markers, and paper. Watch students develop their creativity and expression through our selection of Art Furniture that includes Painting Easels, Art Room Furniture and More.

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Wood Designs Marker Stand. 2
Product ID: WD19616
Marker Stand
Product ID: SWP193
Tiny Tub Caddy
Product ID: CNTTC1
Scissors Rack
Product ID: SWP701
Paint Brush Stand
Product ID: SWP192
Your Colors Collapsible Paint Crate Set
Product ID: ELR0207
MessageStor Magnetic Dry-Erase Set
Product ID: ELR0488
Art Horse - Standard
Product ID: JON0300JC
$93.30  $83.99
Table Top Easel with Tiny Tubs and Pocket Chart
Product ID: CNTTE100
Tabletop Easel
Product ID: JON0652JC
$96.70  $87.99
Arts & Crafts Table Paper Roll
Product ID: SWP7120
Paint Drying Rack
Product ID: JON0226JC
$101.70  $99.99
Toddler Adjustable Easel
Product ID: JON4181JC
$103.20  $99.99
Adjustable Floor Easel
Product ID: ELR008
Big Book Tabletop Easel | 24
Product ID: WD88900
Indoor Outdoor Molded Double Easel
Product ID: CHCF910-068
Drying Rack - Wall Mounted
Product ID: AEPA-C1160
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Paint Drying Rack | 37
Product ID: WD19800
Primary Adjustable Easel
Product ID: JON2181JC
$144.30  $129.99
Toddler Size Double Chalkboard Easel | 36
Product ID: WD17500xx
$147.99  $124.99
Young Time  Single Sided Easel
Product ID: JON7125YT
$149.99  $104.99
Double Adjustable Easel | 48
Product ID: WD190xx
Big Book Easel
Product ID: SWP315
$165.90  $139.99
Double Adjustable Easel
Product ID: JON0218JC
$169.00  $159.99
Deluxe Chalkboard Easel | 48
Product ID: WD18975
Teaching Easel | 52
Product ID: WD19252
Big Book Easel and Dowel Rack | 48
Product ID: WD29200
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Teacher's Value Easel with Standard Bin Pack
Product ID: CNVE550
3 Way Adjustable Easel
Product ID: JON0653JC
$239.00  $219.99
Desk to Easel Art Cart
Product ID: GD51089
$239.95  $198.99
4-Station Space Saver Easel
Product ID: MANS13824
Pick-A-Book Stand with Dry Erase Board
Product ID: ELR083
$249.99  $199.99
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Drying Rack on Wheels
Product ID: AEPA-C1168
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2 Station Art Easel with Storage
Product ID: ELR0691
Mainstream Adjustable Easel, Lexan Surface
Product ID: SF316
Double Easel with Acrylic 2 Sides 48
Product ID: WD19025xx
$279.99  $202.99
Utility Cart
Product ID: ELR076
$280.00  $229.99
See-Thru Easel
Product ID: JON0640JC
$287.70  $269.99
Double Adjustable Easel with Plywood
Product ID: WD19000xx
$289.99  $189.99
Double Adjustable Easel with Chalkboard
Product ID: WD18900xx
$289.99  $189.99
Double Easel with Markerboard
Product ID: WD18925xx
$289.99  $189.99
Utility Cart
Product ID: JON2930JC
$292.50  $269.99
Utility Cart | 31
Product ID: WD13300
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