Babel Drum - Multiple Options Available

Babel Drum - Multiple Options Available

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Manufactured from stainless steel, Babel Drums are a part of the family of percussion instruments that consists of Hand pans, Hank, Tank and Tongue Drums. The huge demand for the popular hand pans and the relatively few creators has left people longing for a product they have no means of accessing.

These circular stainless steel tongue drums are securely mounted onto their frames and are designed for permanent outdoor installation. These beautiful drums require no previous drumming experience and children and adults enjoy improvising with the mesmerizing sounds they produce.

Precisely tuned and available with 6-notes (Small) or 8-notes (Large). The drums should be played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingertips. Their mellow tones are never brassy or too loud - perfect for musical exploration in the fresh air.

The small version produces a range of six beautiful notes in C-Major and the larger more popular version has eight-notes in G-Major the sound is amazing. This steel drum can create beautiful melodies with remarkably long sustain.

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