Cubbies and Coat Lockers

Cubbies and Coat Lockers are the perfect solution for storing children's coats, clothing, projects, personal belongings and supplies.Your students will learn to become much more organized with Strictly for Kids wonderful selection of high quality coat lockers and cubbies. Strictly for Kids also provides wicker baskets, colorful tote trays, diaper bag storage systems, benches, stackable cubbies, stackable lockers and wallhanging cubby/lockers.Whether you are searching for a traditional locker, a locker with benches or a wallhanging cubby, we have the lowest discounted pricing available. We also offer divided lockers, to separate each child's coat, to prevent the spread of head lice during an outbreak. We have many jumbo backpack/diaper bag sized cubby units, school age lockers with larger cubbies for older children's backpacks and lockers with doors.

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Lids for Cubbie Tray
Product ID: JON80XLJC
Tub Lids
Product ID: JON80TLJC
Lid | 1/2
Product ID: WD7105x
$4.59  $3.99
Cubbie Tray
Product ID: JON80XXJC
Product ID: JON80XPJC
Product ID: JON80XTJC
Tray | 5
Product ID: WD7100x
$6.99  $5.99
Small Book Tub
Product ID: CNCC4070x
Product ID: WD7300x
Product ID: WD7800x
Open Tub
Product ID: CNCC4068x
Plastic Wicker Basket. 5
Product ID: WD718xx
Coat Rail - Small Wall Mount
Product ID: JON0767JC
$56.00  $50.99
12 Pack Scoop Front Storage Bins
Product ID: ELR0482xx
Coat Tree | 36
Product ID: WD19400
Blue Shipping Icon
Hang-up Wall Mounted Coat Hanging System | 6
Product ID: WD51800
Blue Shipping Icon
12 Single Tote Bins with Matching Lids
Product ID: ELR0102-12xx
$107.99  $94.99
Coat Locker  - Wall Mount
Product ID: JON0768JC
$126.00  $119.99
18 Single Tote Bins
Product ID: ELR0101-18xx
$130.99  $125.99
Wall Mount Locker for 11, 48'' Wide | 16
Product ID: WD51600
Blue Shipping Icon
4'' Deep Small Storage Bins, Set of 24, with or without Lids
Product ID: ELR0724x-24xx
School Smart Mobile Organizer, Multiple Color, 20 Tier
Product ID: SS406832
Green Shipping Icon
Stacking Open Lockers - 4 Sections
Product ID: JON4687JC
$236.70  $219.99
8'' Deep Large Storage Bins, Set of 24, with or without Lids
Product ID: ELR0722x-24xx
Bench Locker - 5 Sections - Camel Cushion
Product ID: JON90935JC
$249.80  $229.99
See-All Storage with (12) Trays | 21
Product ID: WD1380x
Blue Shipping Icon
Double Locker - 2 Sections
Product ID: JON2682JC
$250.70  $229.99
5 Section Wall Locker | 17
Product ID: WD51900
Blue Shipping Icon
Wall Locker - 4 Sections with Clear Tubs
Product ID: JON07850JC
$309.00  $289.99
Cubbie Coat Center, Add Bench
Product ID: CHCF905-033
$309.99  $259.99
Contender Four-Section Stackable Lockers with Doors
Product ID: WDC46300x
Stacking Lockable Lockers - 4 Sections - Single Stack
Product ID: JON4688JC
$348.50  $319.99
Young Time  10 Section Wall Mount Coat Locker
Product ID: JON7104YR441
$349.99  $244.99
Baltic Birch 12-Cubby Storage Unit with Clear Tubs
Product ID: WDC16121x
Baltic Birch 12-Cubby Storage Unit with Chocolate Tubs
Product ID: WDC16122x
Baltic Birch 12-Cubby Storage Unit with Colorful Tubs
Product ID: WDC16123x
Mainstream Locker with Bench for 4
Product ID: SF1212
Mainstream Cubbies for 10
Product ID: SF1048
Jonti-Craft 12 Cubbie Locker Storage
Product ID: JON3942JC
$360.00  $329.99
Wall Organizer | 25
Product ID: WD21175
Blue Shipping Icon
Mainstream Toddler Locker for 3
Product ID: SF1233
Wall Locker and Storage, Tray Options
Product ID: WDC5140x
Eco Diaper Wall Storage
Product ID: TM3080AQS73
$389.00  $289.99
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