Trio Ensemble
Trio Ensemble

Trio Ensemble

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Our most popular ensemble is an impressive and striking trio of 7 Tubular Bells, our ever popular Large Babel Drum and the anchor of rhythm, the Rainbow Sambas. With a variety of pitch range and tonal character everyone is sure to have their own favorite.

Pitch Range: A3-C5

Number of Players: Up to 10

Suitable for: All Ages

Wheelchair Accessibility: Moderate

Ensemble Composition: Tubular Bells, Large Babel Drum, Rainbow Sambas

PP021SP: 6 Notes Soprano Pentatonic, PP021SD: 8 Notes Soprano Diatonic, PP021AP: 6 Notes Alto Pentatonic, PP021AD: 8 Notes Alto Diatonic, PP021PS: 16 Notes Pentatonic Symphony, PP021DS: 22 Notes Diatonic Symphony