Protective Facial Mask, Small Adult in bulk sets of 50+: Durable, Washable - Black
Adult Mask, select Black or Grey

Protective Facial Mask, Small Adult in bulk sets of 50+: Durable, Washable - Black

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This is a very affordable, no-nonsense mask to help prevent the spread of the virus. This mask will prevent adults and children from touching their mouth and nose, which the CDC constantly advises is of utmost importance. If someone unknowingly is carrying the virus and they are wearing a mask and they sneeze or cough, it will block the droplets from being airborne and infecting others. If there are existing airborne droplets, it is likely to block a large percentage of them from getting into a persons respiratory system.

Unlike N95's & KN95's, which are designed for 1 time use and are not available to most non-medical professionals, these washable, sturdy masks are reusable. If you are a medical professional, this is the solution you've been searching for during the N95 shortage. It is an infinitely better solution than a cloth, a scarf, or whatever you have been forced to use while you wait for your N95's or KN95's to arrive. 

These masks are double layered for extra protection. The  material used is a high quality PPNW (non-woven polypropylene) the same material used for hospital gowns, air conditioner filters and garment bags. This material is water resistant and durable. Even more importantly, it is washable and reusable (wash in warm / cool water and air dry - do not machine dry).

Adult size is now available in black,  Contact us to check on availability of other new colors. 

Sold in sets of 50 or more.

Protective masks are non-returnable, so please research all of our masks thoroughly before deciding which is the ideal choice


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