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We provide extremely high quality educational furniture, commercial playgrounds, equipment, toys and supplies for childcare centers, preschools, school age programs, youth centers, parks, special needs agencies and other institutions seeking to provide children with an exemplary learning experience. Strictly for Kids is about more than simply manufacturing unprecedented quality and distributing the best, most durable complementary wares: we are all about the bottom line, which are the children, children's safety and their enjoyment, while keeping in mind they are going to be rough on the equipment. We implement key elements to accommodate them.

We are a company with a greater mission, one with a conscience, one that sets a new standard as to how a company should be run. Our approach caters towards a long term strategy. What we manufacture is designed to last, look and function extremely well for decades. What we create and distribute represents us once it leaves our warehouse. This philosophy assures a consistent long term relationship with all of our clients. Most of all, it ensures the children are well taken care of in a safe environment.

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The key elements that we focus upon are:

  • Listening to our customers and addressing all of their needs.
  • Leading the industry by offering our customers the best expertise and advice about the brands, quality and features on the furniture, playgrounds and equipment they need.
  • Constantly negotiating the best prices with our suppliers, allowing us to offer the lowest, Beyond Discount pricing to our customers, with frequent sales, liquidations and special offers.
  • Continuously researching and searching out new vendors and products. By offering progressive designs, with age developmentally appropriate features and safety elemements that are decades ahead of products available elsewhere, our customers can provide unprecedented world class indoor and outdoor learning environments.
  • Recognizing a valued approach towards all that we carry and manufacture.
  • Placing our standards of excellence towards constantly progressive levels.
  • Remaining focused upon supporting our customers by providing polite, prompt service.
  • Providing the option of easy finance programs, which allow our customers to pay off their purchases over time.

Just as our clients are diverse, so is our staff. We are an equal opportunity employer. We have found strength through diversity, combining the best traits and values of each employee and we only hire the best in the industry. You will find this direction bridges the gap between all ethnicities and religions and will complement your experience with us.

We are a growing operation - we evolve with the industry, staying in tune with the market and buying trends. This ensures a tactful approach towards what we choose to carry, how we purchase, sell, and remain innovative towards how it all comes together.

If you are looking for a full service company with whom to do business, you have found the right place. We hope you find your experience with us to be pleasant, informative, and enjoyable.

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We are constantly adding to our exciting selection of products. Currently, not all of our product lines have been included in our website, and not all descriptions are complete. Please keep in mind that there may be a few errors that were not discovered in the original proofing. There may be photos that do not exactly match the description and/or quality level. Please contact us for assistance if you have any questions.

If you are looking for anything that is not on our website, please ask. If we do not carry the product, we may be able to recommend another supplier. At Strictly for Kids, we care about children, and believe that offering the highest quality educational experience requires offering the highest quality furniture, equipment and environment possible.

Are you looking for the lowest price, and you are willing to accept the same quality available through other suppliers? We've got it, for far less.

Do you prefer to upgrade tremendously, to a quality level that is not available elsewhere? We are the only vendor for you.

If you are conscientious about how you spend, and consider yourself a savvy buyer, it only makes sense to order from Strictly for Kids. Whether you want the lowest prices, the highest quality, or a combination of both, we are the partner you've been searching for. You will appreciate your decision to buy the best value, and quality, for several decades to come!

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