Activity Dollar
Activity Dollar

Activity Dollar

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Ages 5-7

This game will enable children to discover their currency, becoming familiar with dollar coins and bills. The Activity dollar game includes 18 color cards divided into 3 series of 6 cards each.

These activity cards will help children to develop skills in the following mathematical notions:
  • Visual discrimination and sorting according to specific criteria.
  • Visual recognition of coins and bills
  • Association of identified coins and bills with their written numerical equivalent.
  • Comparing quantities by using numerical procedures.

Each series is identified by a color code:

  • Blue series = "dollar bingo": visual recognition of Dollar coins and bills
  • Green series = "market game": breakdown of bills and coins making up a given price
  • Red series = "I buy game": comparing the value of coins and bills with the notions of "greater than" and "less than".
    • Additional information:
    • 14 bills
    • 24 coins
    • Worksheets
    • ECERS3: Dramatic Play 5.1 "Many and varied dramatic play materials, enough for number of children allowed, are accessible, including dolls, child-sized furniture, play foods and cooking/eating utensils, dress-up clothes for boys and girls." 5.1 also requires "basic materials like dolls and play food are present" along with additional props, "Just providing the specified materials does not meet the requirement of many and varied." Pg. 54 & 55

      FCCERS: Dramatic Play 5.1 "Many and Varied appropriate dramatic play materials accessible for each age group." Pg. 42 (For Preschool and older, 2 themes are required) Pg. 43

      SACERS: Dramatic Play/Theatre 5.1 "Variety of dramatic play materials for both boys and girls that support many roles and situations (Ex: Work, Adventure, Fantasy, Theatrical Productions)." pg. 29

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