Baby Tree Blocks

Baby Tree Blocks

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This set of 12 specially processed, barkless blocks are perfect for very young children!

Stack, build, and imagine! With these blocks, you CAN see the forest for the trees!

Tree Blocks have the smooth feel of river washed stones. The bark is removed with high-pressure water, exposing the beautiful figure and hues of the wood beneath.

These barkless blocks are completely unfinished, durable, and stable for the most demanding toddler or preschool sculptor.

Let the feel of outdoor play come inside! All Ages.

Baby Tree Blocks

  • Fun, sturdy, and eco-friendly blocks made of real branches!
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, building planning.
  • Build with these gorgeous, natural, classic blocks.
  • Let the natural feel influence your imagination.
  • Blocks hearken back to a slower, more graceful time.
  • The drawstring bag is off-white twill.
  • Includes 12 barkless Tree Blocks in drawstring storage bag.
  • Eco-friendly, strong, and handsome!


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