Backstop, 6' or 7' Ext - Backboard Options

Backstop, 6' or 7' Ext - Backboard Options

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This extra heavy duty backstop produces an exceptionally durable and safe basketball activity. Great for commercial use in a park, school, neighborhood, or church. The main post comes with a 6' or 7' extension and is built with heavy-duty galvanized steel pipe. The long extension reduces the risk of a player making contact with the support post, thus reducing injuries. The stabilizing support post is 3.5" OD galvanized steel pipe. Comes complete with backboard, Standard Official Goal & Nylon Net.

See additional goal and backboard options above.

SY-541-636 6' Extension-Aluminum Fan Backboard, SY-541-936 6' Extension-Acrylic Rectangle, SY-541-756W 6' Extension-Welded Aluminum Rectangle, SY-541-637 7' Extension-Aluminum Fan Backboard, SY-541-937 7' Extension-Acrylic Rectangle, SY-541-837W 7' Extension-Welded Aluminum Rectangle, 542-917: Standard Official Goal and Nylon Net, 542-973: Super Goal and Nylon Net, 542-972: Super Goal and Steel Chain Net, 542-975: Breakaway Goal and Nylon Net, 542-976: Heavy Duty Double Rim Breakaway Goal and Nylon Net

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