Bandwagon Kit

Bandwagon Kit

On sale: $84.99
Product ID:WCKI7001-RD

This kit has many bright, colorful plastic and wood instruments in a red toy wagon. All instruments are easy to clean and promote exploration into several different types of sounds. Ages 2+

Kit contains:

  • One Pair of Toddler Maracas (MA7001)
  • One Plastic Kokiriko (KO5201)
  • One Jingle Bell (BE9001)
  • One Rainstick (SE7001-08)
  • Two Pairs of Finger Castanets (CA7002)
  • One Small Star Tambourine (TA7002)
  • Two Plastic Handled Castanets (CA7201)
  • One Short Toy Wagon (TO5903-RD) (14"  x 9.5"  x 6.5" , handle 14" long)

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