Blackbeard's Revenge, Use Zone 35' 4" x 56' 11"
Blackbeard's Revenge, Use Zone 35' 4' x 56' 11'

Blackbeard's Revenge, Use Zone 35' 4" x 56' 11"

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Ships in 6-9 Weeks.

Themed structures have become very popular as it brings a new level of imagination to play time. Blackbeard's Revenge is a pirate themed playground that will have children sailing the high seas! Bow panels lay at both ends of the structure, creating the look of a ship.

A spiral slide, right turn slide, and left turn slide provide quick exit from the ship back into the sea. Ship guardrails and ship hole panels throughout the structure add to the theme. Crow's nest toppers and short taper sails also add to the look of the structure. A vertical rock climber leads up into the structure, as does a transfer station.

Other fun elements of the Blackbeard's Revenge structure include a periscope panel, drum panel, gear panel, maze panel, ship's wheel, bench panel, and rain wheel. This unit is designed for children ages 2-5 & 5-12 years and is an ADA compliant unit.

Blackbeard's Revenge
Child Capacity78-89
Fall Height 5' 6"
Use Zone35' 4" X 56' 11"
Age Appropriate2-5 & 5-12
Post Diameter5.0-Inch

EWEC108, EWMEC-108

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