Blooming Tree Rebana Hand Frame Drum

Blooming Tree Rebana Hand Frame Drum

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This traditional drum in Java is made of goat skin and a mango wood frame. It features a Batik printing method with phenomenal detail around the Tree artwork. The Rebana is a drum or tambourine originating in ethnic Malaysia and is used mostly for devotional music and ceremonies in Southeast Asia.

While traditionally played by hand, the 9-inch diameter drum includes a drum stick as well as playing instructions. This drums sounds as good as it looks.

To play this drum, hold the frame in one hand and slap the fingers of your other hand just inside the rim to produce a ‘tone’ sound. Then try bouncing your palm in the middle for a ‘base’ sound. Pressing the drum skin with the fingers of your first hand, while striking the drum chokes the sound. The single drum stick can be used for a louder beat.

Made in Indonesia. Includes one xBallStick.

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