Boom ChocoLatte, select your color scheme now
Boom ChocoLatte, select your color scheme now

Boom ChocoLatte, select your color scheme now

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The Boom ChocoLatte has a whole Latte excitement going on! This is the perfect early childhood play system for your preschool or child care program. It's design and activities are sure to offer non-stop thrills and excitement for your children! 

Revel in a playset that’s brimming with delightful activities and vibrant hues with the Boom ChocoLatte commercial playground structure. Ascend the stairs to an elevated platform where children will discover a Gear Panel and a Wave Slide. A Tube Bridge connects two platforms and provides a fun crawl-between, while an Elephant Panel encourages interactive play. 

A Right Turn Slide, accessible by way of Elephant Stairs, will allow children to zip to the bottom where they’ll discover a Single Drum, a Bench Panel, and a Rain Wheel, all of which make the Boom ChocoLatte ADA compliant. this awesome playground structure is designed for children of all ability levels. 

The Boom ChocoLatte includes whimsical toppers that elevate the design and spark imaginations. Themed turret toppers include a Monkey, Flower Face, Leaf Roof, and Parrot Topper. Children will be transported to a jungle of fun and developmental exploration every time they come out to play!

The Boom ChocoLatte includes:
  • 2 Slides
  • Tube Bridge
  • Elephant Crawl Through
  • Gear Panel
  • Rain Wheel
  • Drum
  • Bench Panel
  • Elephant Stair
  • ADA Transfer Station

Boom ChocoLatte
Child Capacity26-30
Fall Height 3'
Use Zone25' 6" X 33' 10"
Age Appropriate2-5
Post Diameter3.5-Inch

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