Calming Led Bubble Tube
Calming Led Bubble Tube

Calming Led Bubble Tube

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Watch as the bubbles ascend up the Calming LED Bubble Tube. Create a relaxing environment with hundreds of bubbles that slowly change color.

Available in heights of 40", 60" and 80", a bubble tube is a must for your sensory room or environment. Often situated in a corner of the room, your Calming LED Bubble Tube is the foundation of a sensory room experience and often the first piece of equipment an individual will notice and often engage with. Even your most reticent user will gravitate toward the tube.

Your Calming LED Bubble Tube operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v DC outlet. For tubes 60" and over we recommend the use of our bubble tube bracket to ensure stability.

Optional Tube Platform Available Here

  • Tube base: 15" diameter x 8" H
  • Tube diameter: 6"
  • Perfect in a sensory room, bathroom, classroom or public area.

    Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

    Optional Bubble Tube Pump And Hose Kit

    Need to change out your bubble tube water? This Bubble Tube Pump and Hose Kit makes changing the water in a bubble tube much easier. Seriously, avoid a flood on your floor and keep this tube and pump handy. Simply press the pump repeatedly with your foot to remove the water from your tube. This kit includes 18' of hose and a foot pump.

    For adult use only.

    Drop Down To Select EXP0200131: Calming Bubble Tube - 40" EXP0200132: Calming Bubble Tube - 60"(+20) EXP0200133: Calming Bubble Tube - 80"(+40) EXP020003: With Bracket, Recommended for use with any Bubble Tube over 40" for extra stability(+80)

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