Calming Sensory Room
Calming Sensory Room

Calming Sensory Room

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Product ID:EXP40003

The Calming Sensory Room is the perfect solution for individuals who require calming or relaxation at key times during the day such as bedtime or before an uncomfortable procedure. Create a soothing environment with the Calming Sensory Room!

Our range of Sensory Room Packages provide a quick and easy off the shelf solution to your sensor needs. Each pack has been specifically designed to create a number of sensory environments. The Calming Sensory Room Package comprises of a range of projection and calming Bubble Tube and Fiber Optic equipment to create a soothing and relaxing multisensory environment.

This package includes:

1 x Calming LED Bubble Tube -60"

1 x Fiber Optic Softie

1 x Fiber Optic Star Carpet including Calming LED Lightsource

1 x Projector Bundle including Aurora LED Projector wheel rotator and three effect wheels (Balloons Extravaganza, Fireworks Bonanza and a blank wheel)

1 x Square Bubble Tube Plinth in Cream. Large size 47 " W x 47 " L x 15 " H

2 x Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirrors. Size 47 " W x 47 " H

1 x Bubble Tube Bracket

1 x BCB - Bubble tube additive

1 x Bubble Tube Emptying Kit and Foot pump

1 x Mirror Ball Bundle, including a 8" mirror ball and a pin spot with a four color wheel

1 x Basic Sound System

5 x Calming Sounds CDs

1 x Installation instructions

1 x Manual

Please note that this sensory room package requires 7 electrical sockets.

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