Camelot, Use Zone, 47' 6" x 55' 11"
Camelot, Use Zone, 47' 6' x 55' 11'

Camelot, Use Zone, 47' 6" x 55' 11"

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Children will feel like they're exploring an old and mysterious castle ruin with the Camelot play structure. A brave prince might climb the inverted arch, pod, or spiral to reach the highest level and save his damsel in distress before escaping down one of the right turn slides. If the damsel isn't up to sliding, the prince can lead her through the tube bridge that connects to the second section of the structure, but watch out for the guards and thieves who might be climbing up the net climber or boulder climber attached to this section of the structure.

If caught the prince might have to challenge his captors to a game of tic tac toe, loser slides down the spiral slide. After his victory the prince will lead his damsel to the last and lowest platform, here the two can either slide down a double slide into the sunset, or swing their way around the rung ladder. The Camelot play structure is ADA compliant and designed for children 5-12 years of age.

Child Capacity 93-107
Fall Height 7'
Use Zone 46' 6 x 54' 11"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 4.5-Inch

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