Carnation Station, Use Zone 31' 10" x 46' 5"
Carnation Station, Use Zone 31' 10' x 46' 5'

Carnation Station, Use Zone 31' 10" x 46' 5"

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No child will be able to resist the temptation of playing on the Carnation Station play structure. Starting their way across the structure children have the option of going down a double slide, or going up to the next elevated platform and going down a straight slide. Attached to this same elevated platform is a tube bridge that leads to another elevated platform that has a nature clock panel and staircase attached to it. Finally, children can go up to the finally elevated platform which stands at 60". This platform has a bubble panel, straight slide, and spiral slide attached to it. The Carnation Station play structure is ADA compliant with features such as a double drum, store panel, and bench panel for children to play on. A wrapped leaf roof on the highest elevated platforms offers shade to children playing on the structure on sunny days. This structure is designed for children 2-12 years of age.

Carnation Station
Child Capacity 41-47
Fall Height 5' 6"
Use Zone 31' 10" X 46' 5"
Age Appropriate 2-5 & 5-12
Post Diameter 5.0-Inch

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