Children of the World Posters - Set of 12

Children of the World Posters - Set of 12

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Develop social and emotional skills and more! Children's eyes, hair, noses, skin colors and facial expressions are only a few of the observations children will notice with this set of world children posters. Learning about cultural and physical differences along with similarities among each other will be fun with these colorful posters. Dimensions: 8.5” X 11”. Set of 12. For all ages.

Head Start Learning Outcomes

  • Social and Emotional Development, Social Relationships, Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy, Social Studies Knowledge and Skills, Family and Community, History and Events, People and the Environment.


  • 2.L.06 Children have varied opportunities to engage in discussions about differences., Section 2.L.01 Social Studies, Section 2.B Social-Emotional Development, 2.B.07 a.Children have varied opportunities to learn to understand, empathize with, and take into account other people's perspectives.

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