Contrabass Chimes
Contrabass Chimes

Contrabass Chimes

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Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant tones, the Contrabass Chimes provide an outdoor music experience through powerful sounds that are both heard and felt.

There are seven chimes available, ranging from seven to nine feet tall. The taller the chime, the deeper the tone it emits. Each is made with four-inch diameter, heavy duty anodized aluminum tubes. They are pitched one octave below middle C to create a deep note that sustains long after the fundamental sound has ceased.

We find these instruments are best as an ensemble installed in a horseshoe shape to allow a surround-sound effect. Perfect in healing gardens, or as a sound sculpture. Contrabass Chimes are also sold individually. Each instrument is supplied with two durable mallets attached with coated steel cables. Just like all Freenotes Harmony Park instruments, the Contrabass Chimes and mallets are designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Inside The box: 7 aluminum Chimes, 2 mallet poles, 4 mallets. In-ground install only.

  • CONTRA CHIME #1, 93" 1
  • CONTRA CHIME #2, 85" 1
  • CONTRA CHIME #3, 80" 1
  • CONTRA CHIME #4, 76" 1
  • CONTRA CHIME #5, 69" 1
  • CONTRA CHIME #6, 65" 1
  • CONTRA CHIME #7, 60" 1

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