Corkscrew Aztec Climber, 43' x 8'

Corkscrew Aztec Climber, 43' x 8'

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Not only does the Corkscrew Aztec Climber offer physical challenges, but it also introduces young explorers to the world of the Aztec language. The plastic panels are adorned with Aztec symbols representing nine of the 20 days of the Aztec calendar, along with Snake and King Axayacatl, which are common parts of Aztec mythology and history.

The Corkscrew Aztec climber offers an extensive arrangement of our popular Aztec climbing panels. This climber is an ideal unit for playgrounds with lots of room. This climber accommodates the play requirements for up to 45 climbing children at a time. The panel color is as shown with several post colors from which to choose.


  • Use Zone: 55' x 20'
  • Size: 43' x 8'
  • Ages: 5 to 12 years
  • Fall Height: 7.5'

Studies have shown that children learn more readily when the combine fun activities with their classroom curriculum. The symbols molded into the climbing panels offer more than just the standard teeming found on most playgrounds. Teachers can invent new ways to utilize the symbols into their class work creating even more educational opportunities.



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