Cots & Rest Mats

Cots and Rest Mats

Play mats, safety mats, rest mats, cots, sheets, blankets & accessories. Strictly for Kids offers a wide variety of nap time necessities for your preschool, daycare or church nursery.

Browse our selection of cots and rest mats to find everything you need to keep early learners comfortable during quiet time. With brands like ECR4Kids, Angeles, Peerless Plastics and more we are able to offer durable cots and rest mats as well as cot furniture with a dual purpose that were designed for daily use at unbelievable savings.

These stackable items can be easily stored in any classroom. You'll find budget-friendly daycare cots, cot sheets, cot blankets, and accessories. Choose from toddler or standard size cots to ensure the best fit for your young students.

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Basic KinderMat without Pillow
Product ID: PPPKM100
Basic Kindermat with Pillow
Product ID: PPSKM101
Product ID: CHCF320-006
Not for Sale.
Toddler KinderMat, Blue/Gray without Pillow
Product ID: PPPTBG200
Toddler KinderMat, Blue/Pink without Pillow
Product ID: PPPTBP202
Toddler KinderMat, Blue/Pink with Pillow
Product ID: PPPTBP203
Toddler KinderMat, Blue/Gray with Pillow
Product ID: PPPTBG201
Basic Kindermat with pillow
Product ID: PPPKM101
Cot Name Clips - 5-Pack or 25-Pack
Product ID: ANAFB5741-5
Junior DayDreamer
Product ID: PPSKM220
DayDreamer Rest Mat 1
Product ID: PPHSM148
Heavy-Duty KinderMat, 1
Product ID: PPPHDM301
Heavy-Duty KinderMat, 2
Product ID: PPPHDM302
DayDreamer Rest Mat 2
Product ID: PPHSM248
Rainbow Designer Mat, Lemon
Product ID: PPPLEM231
Rainbow Designer Mat, Lipstick Red
Product ID: PPPLIP230
Rainbow Designer Mat, Nautical Blue
Product ID: PPPNTL232
Rainbow Designer Mat, Grass Green
Product ID: PPPGRN233
Rainbow Designer Mat, Grape
Product ID: PPPGRP234
Carton of (6) White Cotton Cot Sheets
Product ID: WD87890
Angeles Value Line Toddler Cot - Assembled
Product ID: ANAFB5754
$81.98  $79.99
Valueline Standard Cot - Assembled
Product ID: ANAFB5750
$83.98  $80.99
Spaceline Toddler Cots
Product ID: ANAFB5731
Spaceline Preschool Cot
Product ID: ANAFB5730x
CozyFit Toddler Size Cot Sheets
Product ID: FDCSTSxx-12
CozyFit Standard Size Cot Sheets
Product ID: FDCSSSxx-12
Toddler White Cot Sheets - 12 Pack
Product ID: ELR0234
Rest Mat Sheets - 10 Pack - White
Product ID: ELR16202
Standard White Cot Sheets - 12 Pack
Product ID: ELR024
Universal Cot Carrier
Product ID: ANAFB5727
White Cotton Rest Time Blanket - 12 Pack
Product ID: ELR026
Spaceline Activity Table Top
Product ID: ANAFB5782
Podz 4 Pack Toddler and/or Standard Preschool Cots
Product ID: FD4604037
Streamline Preschool Cots, Blue, Ready-to-Assemble
Product ID: ELR16118-6
Angeles Value Line Toddler Cot - 4 Pack - Royal Blue - Unassembled
Product ID: ANAFB5757
Absolute Best Space Saving Set of 5 - Assembled Cots
Product ID: WD87888
Absolute Best Space Saving - Set of 6 - Unassembled Cots
Product ID: WD87800
4-Section Folding Rest Mats - 5 Pack
Product ID: ELR0576
Spaceline Toddler Cots - Set of 4, 24, 48 or 96
Product ID: ANAFB5736x
Spaceline Preschool Cots - Set of 4, 24, 48 or 96
Product ID: ANAFB5735x
Childrens Factory Toddler Cot - 5 Pack - Royal Blue
Product ID: CHCF005-005
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