Crawl and Toddle | Playful or Natural Colors Available
Coated Steel - UP133

Crawl and Toddle | Playful or Natural Colors Available

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Combines three ways to crawl and climb with creative and fun elements of development for children under two. Children will love to play and discover with their friends while learning concepts such as cause and effect and gaining confidence with gross and fine motor skills. Handholds are placed throughout to provide support for new walkers and cruisers.

  • Dimensions: 56"L x 42"W x 33"H.
  • Use Zone: 11'2 x 9'8.
  • Ages: 6 months- 23 months.
  • Capacity: 8 children.

Developmental Benefits Include:
  • Coated steel platform.
  • Object recognition.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Expressive/receptive language skills.
  • Gross Motor Skills.
  • Dramatic play.
  • Cause-and-effect.

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