Deluxe Maple Bookcases

Deluxe Maple Bookcases

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Strictly for Kids Deluxe Maple Bookcase with shelves. This is the most elegant line of bookcases you've ever set your eyes on. These incredibly sturdy units will be the pride of any library/media center. These units are beautifully hand crafted with 5-coats of waterborne finish that will shine and last for decades! Comes fully assembled. Lifetime warranty.

  • SK3700 36"W x 12'D x 30"H with 2-shelves, including bottom shelf
  • SK3701 36"W x 12'D x 42"H with 3-shelves, including bottom shelf
  • SK3702 36"W x 12'D x 48"H with 3-shelves, including bottom shelf
  • SK3703 36"W x 12'D x 60"H with 4-shelves, including bottom shelf
  • SK3704 36"W x 12'D x 72"H with 5-shelves, including bottom shelf
  • SK3705 36"W x 12'D x 84"H with 6-shelves, including bottom shelf

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