Double Station Leg Press
Double Station Leg Press

Double Station Leg Press

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Product ID:PGEC-PFT010

Toned thighs not only give you strength but also ensure a better fitting pair of jeans. Toned thighs are what you get from this Double Leg Press. If you cannot go to the gym regularly, 10 minutes of exercise on this fitness equipment will take care of some of your exercise needs. The Double Leg Press can also be a fun way to chat up a stranger, since two people can use it simultaneously.

Like all things from Qitele, this Double Leg Press is made from the highest quality material and since it is a double, it means you can save on space. The Double Leg Press includes surface mount covers to hide any protruding surface mount hardware from the installation of the product.

Age Range:13-Adult

Unit Size:1' 4" long x 6' 2"

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