Dramatic Play Furniture

Dramatic Play

Explore our vast selection of construction, design, role play and skill building supplies for the ultimate dramatic play environment. Watch children engage in dramatic play through our collection of pretend play furniture and play areas.

Products include storage, sofas, chairs, and tables, as well as wooden laundry centers, stoves, sinks, dress up areas, drawers, and more.

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Iron by Wood Designs | 4
Product ID: WD11100
Let's Play House! Spray, Squirt & Squeegee - Play Set
Product ID: LCI8602
Green Shipping Icon
Let's Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop!
Product ID: LCI8600
Puppet Holder | 6
Product ID: WD23000
Let's Play House Play Carpet, 36''w x 52''l
Product ID: LLTLC164
Our Dream House Play Carpet
Product ID: LLTLC191
Living Room End Table
Product ID: ELR0684
Coat Tree - 48
Product ID: JON0675JC
$64.00  $57.99
Puppet Tree
Product ID: JON0499JC
$69.70  $62.99
Traditional Doll Bed
Product ID: JON6305JC
$69.80  $62.99
Living Room Coffee Table
Product ID: ELR0683
$69.99  $64.99
Extra Vise
Product ID: WD13500
Traditional Doll Cradle
Product ID: JON6307JC
$73.80  $66.99
Broom, Mop, Duster, Dust Pan
Product ID: WD24400
Nordic Rocker
Product ID: GD6434
Housekeeping Station Stand Only | 21
Product ID: WD24300
Wall Mount Coat Rack
Product ID: ANANG139
End Table | 13
Product ID: WD31550
JontiCraft Doll High Chair
Product ID: JON0495JC
$81.20  $73.99
Traditional Doll High Chair
Product ID: JON0503JC
$83.70  $75.99
Coffee Table | 13
Product ID: WD31650
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Housecleaning Set-N-Rack
Product ID: JON2061JC
$94.30  $84.99
Maple Fold Up Ironing Board
Product ID: ANANG201
$94.88  $79.99
Big Hands Mirror Set
Product ID: WB0019
13 Birch Coffee Table, Only Table
Product ID: SWP1189
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Single Bench
Product ID: WD31700xx
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Big Feet Mirror Set
Product ID: WB0022
Jonti's Doll Bed
Product ID: JON0215JC
$102.30  $99.99
Kiddie Rocker Couch - Blue
Product ID: GD6407
Product ID: CHCF332-132
Jonti-Craft Doll Cradle
Product ID: JON0214JC
$108.30  $99.99
Maple Stationary Ironing Board
Product ID: SWP200
$119.58  $109.99
Mailbox and Optional Mail Bag
Product ID: ANAFB61xx
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Microwave stove
Product ID: ANANG1097
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Housecleaning Set and Stand
Product ID: SWP1339
Blue Shipping Icon
Product ID: JON0217JC
$121.00  $109.99
Kiddie Rocker Chair Set - Blue
Product ID: GD6406
Children's Comfort Furniture Set
Product ID: ELR0344x
Doll Bed | 9-1/4
Product ID: WD11500
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Nordic Rocker   Red
Product ID: GD6468
Ironing Board, Stationary | 25
Product ID: WD11000
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Housekeeping Station, Complete | 21
Product ID: WD24200
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Fuzzy Loop Story Tree
Product ID: CHCF001-001
$134.95  $119.99
Doll Cradle | 10-3/4
Product ID: WD11600
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Space Saver Multi-Play Screen - Write-N-Wipe
Product ID: JON2273JC
$138.80  $129.99
Space Saver Multi-Play Screen - Flannel
Product ID: JON2274JC
$138.80  $129.99
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