Drift Chair - Multiple Colors
Drift Chair - Multiple Colors

Drift Chair - Multiple Colors

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The design is called "Drift" and it can set the mood of your space. Drift can be calm and quite or it can be energetic and fun. The fluid design has no sharp corners or edges. The design looks light and airy, with construction that is stable and robust. This product can take on the toughest environments.

The seat height is 17" at the middle of the seat. The forward lean on the seat surface promotes upright seating posture and keeps the legs lightly engaged for active seating. Yes, place your Drift indoors or outdoors because it will work anywhere and the forward lean on the seat surface sheds water quickly and dries fast.

The nesting design saves space when it comes time to store them.

Made of virtually indestructible LDPE and it can be 100% recycled as a common #4 plastic. This is Tenjam's "Firm" hard plastic material. The material can be cleaned with common household cleaners and most hospital grade disinfectants including bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

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