Drum Beats
Drum Beats

Drum Beats

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Children of all ages will love expressing their musical interests with the Free Play Drum Panel. This is a freestanding unit it can be placed just about anywhere on the playground!  It has a large, round drum which is set at an elevated height. It has a different color than the panel surrounding it, which will immediately draw kids’ attention to it. 

By striking the drum head with their hands at different angles, they can produce a range of different tones. The stylish design of the panel has swirling features which are sure to inspire some great rhythms. The sixteenth notes in the lower corner of the panel will let children know right away what this panel is for.

Because this unit does not take up a lot of space, it is also great for small playgrounds. Watch as your kiddos learn how to create their own songs while having a blast!

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