Eagles Perch, Natural

Eagles Perch, Natural

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The Eagle’s Perch is a play structure which will make children feel as though they are on top of the world. It has all of the components that every play system needs to be great, including a slide, climber, and activities. The Pixel Climber has a unique design with cube-shaped blocks and holes that create a climbing experience unlike any other. The simple Transfer Station Stairs provide an easier way up which is accessible to almost everyone.

The upper platform is a full four feet above the ground when installed, making it a great vantage point for watching the rest of the playground. While they are up there, kids can enjoy the Ball Maze Panel while being sheltered in the shade of the overhead roof. And when they get tired of life at the top, the Single Left Turn Slide is a quick way to rejoin their friends on the ground. There is even a built-in Rain Wheel for a little bit of extra activity.

  • For children ages 2-5 years and 5-12 years
  • Requires a 20' 11" x 25'11" Use Zone
  • 48" Fall Height
  • Recommended for 10 to 16 children

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