Frederick, Use Zone, 29' 6" x 31' 1"
Rainbow Party (Primary Colors)

Frederick, Use Zone, 29' 6" x 31' 1"

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The Frederick play structure is a play structure of clustered fun, complete with a variation of many fun and exciting features. Made up of two square, 48" elevated platforms, this play structure is accessible by a number climber or by stairs. A gear panel borders one side of one of the elevated platforms, and a wave slide, a straight slide, and a right turn slide branch off of the elevated platforms, giving children a fun way off of the play structure. 

The vibrant color palette elevates any outdoor space with its bright aesthetic. Made from heavy-duty, weatherproof materials, the Frederick is sure to entertain and delight children ages 2 to 5 and/or ages 5 to 12 while providing a remarkable haven just for them!

Product Specifications:

Ages:          2-5 & 5-12 years
Capacity:    22-26
Use Zone:   29'5" x 31'1"
Fall Height:  48"h

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