Freenotes Harmony Park

Freenotes Harmony Park

Freenotes are beautiful sculptural instruments, which create environments that transcend all boundaries. All people, children through an aging population, those with disabilities, and an increasingly diverse culture, can step up to an instrument they’ve never played before and be able to make beautiful, rhythmic, melodic music right away.

Amazingly, there is no such thing as a wrong note with Harmony Park™ Outdoor Musical Playgrounds. Making music simple and readily available to young children helps to develop their interest in pursuing music in more traditional ways. Harmony Park offers a full, sensory play experience. While engaging the senses, the instruments provide a chance for all children to express their individuality and interact with others.

"One of the best things about these instruments is that they provide all ages and abilities an opportunity to interact through spontaneous creative expression" -Jeannene Bragg, PACE Center’s Cultural Director.

While listening to music, multiple areas of the brain become engaged and active. When you play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. The fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play offers limitless, long-term, positive effects, from this mental workout.

America’s Got Talent 2016 audition, using Freenotes Harmony Park instruments.

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Flowers, Choice of Sizes, Single or Set of 4
Product ID: FHP-02FL
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Melody - 9 note resonated xylophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01ML
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Aria - 9 note xylophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01ARIA-X
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Griffin -11 note resonated metallophone, aluminum chimes, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01GR
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FLOWER COLLECTION - Turquoise, Orange, Indigo, and Yellow Flowers
Product ID: FHP-08FC
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Pagoda Bells - 8 stainless steel bells, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01PB
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Cadence - 13 note tenor marimba, fiberglass bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01CAD-X
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Pegasus - 23 note resonated metallophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01PG
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Imbarimba - 22 note resonated marimba, fiberglass bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01IA
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Swirl - 26 note resonated aluminum chimes, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01-SW
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Contrabass Chimes
Product ID: FHP-01CH
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WEENOTES COLLECTION - Merry, Piper, and Griffin
Product ID: FHP-01WNP
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STARTER COLLECTION - Duet, Yantzee, and Tuned Drums
Product ID: FHP-01START
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Premium Instrument Package
Product ID: FHP-01PIP
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