GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope
GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope

GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope

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Introduce and encourage scientific exploration and more! Either up close and far away, you can bring nature your way with the world’s only 2-in-1 microscope/telescope! 

  • Set includes scope with 8x magnification, perfect-fit goggles with enlarged eyepieces, break-away strap, soft rubber hand grips, and telescoping barrel with 15x magnification for distance viewing
  • Magnification and field of vision designed specifically for preschoolers’ level of perception
  • The ONLY combined microscope and telescope out there!

Note: Objects will look upside down or backwards in MICROSCOPE MODE. Just like a real scientist, you are viewing through convex lenses, that make objects appear reversed. To view right side up, simply turn the object upside down before observing it with your Explorer Scope.

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