Global Rhythm Kit

Global Rhythm Kit

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This exciting kit contains 15 authentic musical instruments from all around the world including Peru, Nigeria, China, India, Chile, Ghana, the United States and Thailand. In addition, there is a market basket from Ghana for storage, and an Instructional DVD. Ages 3+

Kit contains:

  • One Caxixi Rattle
  • One Basket Shaker with Bells
  • One Gourd Guiro
  • One Pair of Claves
  • One 14" Rainstick
  • Two Sets of Ankle Bells
  • One Agogo Bell
  • One Frog Rasp
  • One Japanese Drum
  • One Den Den Drum
  • One Conga Drum
  • Two Musical Balls
  • One Toga Seed Rattle
  • One Market Basket
  • One Instructional DVD

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