Grizzly Grasslands, Use Zone 52' 10" x 54' 10"
Grizzly Grasslands, Use Zone 52' 10' x 54' 10'

Grizzly Grasslands, Use Zone 52' 10" x 54' 10"

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The natural themed Grizzly Grasslands structure will enhance the kids outdoor adventures by surrounding them with nature themed steps, climbers, tunnels, and roofs. This play structure has many diverse elements for endless fun! 

The structure has two straight slides and one big spiral slide descending from a fun tiki roofed platform. Grizzly Grasslands features a leaf climber, net climber, tree stump climber, and many panels across the structure. Some of the panels include a store panel, bubble panel, tic tac toe panel, compass panel, house panel, molded barrier panel, and shape spinner panel. Tree stump steps, big log crawl tunnel and drums make ground play exciting. A log bridge and suspension bridge connect all the decks together for easy access to all forms of play. 

The Grizzly Grasslands play system also features many fun ladders, evergreen tree toppers, and log cabin roofs. Designed for children ages 5-12, this unit is ADA compliant.

Grizzly Grasslands
Child Capacity 78-89
Fall Height  7'
Use Zone 52' 10" x 54' 10"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 5.0-Inch

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