Hanoi Hideaway, Use Zone 45' 4" x 60' 3"
Blue Wave Color Scheme

Hanoi Hideaway, Use Zone 45' 4" x 60' 3"

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The Hanoi Hideaway play structure is made up of three main structures that are connected by inclining ADA ramps. This ADA accessible play structure provides numerous ups and downs to play on. Off the third and highest structure an inclined tube leads to a higher platform where children are able to go out to a lookout deck and play with a ship's wheel before sliding down a curved tube slide. 

Children can also get up to the highest level by climbing a pod climber. The second highest level can be reached by climbing a boulder, or a snake climber; here children can race down a double slide or a wave slide. 

Another boulder climber leads up to the middle structure and children can race their friends down a double slide or go down a right turn slide. Pebble climbers lead up to the lowest main structure. Gear panels, ship's wheels, drums, and other fun options provide children with on ground play opportunities. The Hanoi Hideaway  play structure is designed for children 2-5 & 5-12 years of age.

Features Include:

  • (2) Half Hex Decks @ 24" Deck
  • (2) Half Hex Decks @ 36" Deck
  • (2) Half Hex Decks @ 48" Deck
  • ADA Transfer Station
  • (2) Double Slides
  • (2) Bongos
  • (3) ADA Ramp
  • Snake Climber
  • Wave Slide
  • (3) Hexagonal Roof
  • Inclined Tube
  • Pod Climber
  • (2) Ship's Wheel
  • Lookout Deck w/ Ship's Wheel
  • Single Drum
  • Curved Tube Slide
  • Hip Shingle Roof
  • (2) Boulder Climbers
  • (2) Rain Wheel
  • Tic Tac Toe Panel
  • Pebble Climber
  • Gear Panel
  • Maze Panel
  • Single Drum
  • Right Turn Slide

Hanoi Hideaway
Child Capacity 112-128
Fall Height 6'
Use Zone 45' 3" X 60' 3"
Age Appropriate 2-5 & 5-12
Post Diameter 4.5-Inch

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