Harmony Bells World Class Outdoor Instruments, in a choice of 6 colors, sizes and notes. Order a Bunch & Save!

Harmony Bells World Class Outdoor Instruments, in a choice of 6 colors, sizes and notes. Order a Bunch & Save!

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Our ‘blooming’ marvelous collection of Harmony Bells are inspired by nature and tuned to uplifting major and minor chords. Perpetually in a perfect state of bloom, Harmony Bells are suitable for many different outdoor locations and will withstand all weather conditions and seasons.

Visually stimulating and colorful, each ‘flower’ is made of four bells of decreasing size and ascending pitch. Each ‘bell’ - when struck - emits a pure tone with a long sustain. There are no wrong notes with these beautifully pitched instruments. Every note sounds perfect - no experience or training is necessary. Children will be inspired by their success to learn more about music while playing, singing and dancing to the rhythm.

These wonderful world class instruments are nature inspired artwork for the playground, park or sound garden. The combination of perfect pitch and design makes these affordable instruments one of the best investments possible.

These eye-catching cheerful playground additions are the perfect complement to a child care or school. They will also stand out in a park, playground, retirement center or public garden. They make an ideal choice for smaller budding musicians and seasoned professionals alike. They are the perfect instrument to bring peace and harmony to the world while benefiting people of all abilities and ages.

Available individually or in a 'bunch' of three bells in complementary chords.

Ideal for interactive playscapes, they’ll arouse a sense of intrigue and encourage participants into the pursuit of music-making in the great outdoors.

Product Highlights

  • Visually stimulating
  • Colorful design, easy fixing and great sound
  • Engaging sensory resources
  • Suitable for ADA Accessible Projects/Parks
  • Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds
  • Easy to Install - does not require a contractor
  • Perfectly pitched for both professionals and beginners
  • Every note sounds perfect, inspiring children to learn about music
  • Install these anywhere- they do not require a safety surfacing
  • Pollen-free
Select one of the two 'Bunches' below to stretch your budget and intensify your sound park experience:
1) Major C4 - C5 (Red Bells) | Major F4 - F5 (Green Bells) | Major G4 - G5 (Blue Bells)
2) Minor D4 - D5 (Orange Bells) | Minor E4 - E5 (Yellow Bells) | Minor A4 - A5 (Indigo Bells)

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