Harmony Flowers World Class Outdoor Instruments, in a choice of 6 colors, sizes and notes

Harmony Flowers World Class Outdoor Instruments, in a choice of 6 colors, sizes and notes

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With their bright, fresh colors, these sweet musical flowers cannot help but give everyone that spring feeling. There are no wrong notes with these beautifully pitched instruments. Children will be inspired by their success to learn more about music. It's hard to believe that these nature inspired art arrangements are also a world class instrument. The combination of perfect pitch and design makes these affordable instruments one of the best investments imaginable.

These eye-catching cheerful playground additions are the perfect complement to a child care or school. They will also stand out in a park, playground, retirement center or public garden. They make an ideal choice for smaller budding musicians and seasoned professionals alike. They are the perfect instrument to bring peace and harmony to the world while benefiting people of all abilities and ages.

Each Flower is made with a stainless-steel frame, with powder-coated aluminum flower petals and bells. The ‘bells’ sing when struck with the attached moss green vandal-resistant beater.

Harmony Flowers sell individually or in two chords of three which are named 'posies'. With all the flowers having different notes, heights, and colors, you can collect them all to let your musical garden grow and bloom.

Product Highlights

  • Visually stimulating and playful
  • Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds
  • Colorful design, easy fixing and great sound
  • Engaging sensory resources
  • Suitable for ADA Accessible Projects/Parks
  • Easy to Install - does not require a contractor
  • Perfectly pitched for both professionals and beginners
  • Install these anywhere - they do not require a safety surfacing
  • No wrong notes - Every note sounds perfect.
  • Pollen-free
A bouquet of six cheerful and eye-catching musical flowers C5-A5 available individually or in two 'posy' arrangements. Select from the wonderful combination of instruments listed. Choose the installation method which fits your area, either In Ground Installation (which requires digging, pouring and installing in cement) or Surface Mount (which requires a deck or paved area to attach to).

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