In the Beginning
In the Beginning

In the Beginning

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This beautiful carpet, depicting the Earth surrounded by the star-filled heavens, will be a constant reminder of our Creator and His love for us. Teach children to appreciate our Earth and guard its beauty for generations to come.

Available in various shapes and sizes:
  • 3'10" x 5'4" JC1496B.
  • 5'4" x 7'8" JC1496C.
  • 7'8" x 10'9" JC1496D.
  • 10'9" x 13'2" JC1496G.
  • 7'7" JC1496E.
  • 7'7" x 7'7" JC1496F

The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus® Certification is an independent test that measures VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions in carpet. Carpet certified as Green Label Plus® exceeds the most stringent Indoor Air Quality standards and is best suited for living, working, and learning environments.

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