Infant-Toddler Cottage Playstation 4 Outdoor Playground - Natural
Infant-Toddler Cottage Playstation 4 Outdoor Playground - Natural

Infant-Toddler Cottage Playstation 4 Outdoor Playground - Natural

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Infant-Toddler Cottage Playstation 4, Outdoor Transitional Playground Structure in Bright Colors. This masterfully designed system is engineered to be the perfect solution for the modern infant-toddler yard. It is ideal for crawlers transitioning to walking to pull themselves up to a standing position and develop a sense of balance.

It includes a series of hand rails and play events which offer support throughout the entire structure. These supports may be used for early walkers as they cruise from play station to station throughout the perimeter and interior of this awesome structure. It combines every safety element imaginable and has numerous ADA ground level features. It is very age and developmentally appropriate and supports many early developmental skills including gross motor skills, sensorial, cognitive and creative play skills, as well as social emotional skills.

Features include:
  • 1-Set of extra deep steps with closed off risers and hand rails which support the child's mobility and safe pattern of play as they balance and navigate the stairs. The landing at the bottom of the steps creates an extra gathering space for children to interact. The width of the stairs is designed for a child to grasp one hand rail while climbing, as a second child may grasp the opposing rail to exit down, passing each other safely and simultaneously.
  • 1-Ramp which supports mobility for crawlers, who may transition to walking while utilizing the same double cruising rail design as the stairs. This offers support for the child to pull themselves up, maintain balance and learn to walk up the gentle incline, providing a different level of balance.
  • 1-Slide w/safety barrier above to prevent "headers" by requiring the child to sit, with dual hand rails for support, before exiting.
  • 1-Oversized two tone roof with shingles adds protection from the elements.

Ground base activities include:
  • 1-Tracking tube with Ball Storage Bin, which helps develop eye-hand coordination and supports early pre-reading skills (learning to track from left to right).
  • 1-Tracking Chute with a ball drop to the full length Ball Storage Bin. This provides developmental benefits similar to the tracking tube, with an interesting gross motor twist. The children will bend to retrieve a ball, roll it down the chute, cruise to the other end, bend to retrieve the ball, turn right, roll it into the tracking tube, cruise, bend and retrieve, then back to the beginning to repeat.
  • 2-Steering wheel stations placed close enough for buddies to work on their socialization skills, yet far enough apart to prevent interfering with the other driver. Hand rails on both sides add support for less mobile children, who might have difficulty while using the steering wheels for support.
  • 1-Sensory bubble table with hand supports around the perimeter and a removable cover.
  • 1-Tracking maze rail station.

The faux wood siding is a wee bit crooked, with a few knots, for a creative, whimsical dramatic play experience. The large, indestructible Lexan windows throughout, with shutters on the two playhouse windows, add a peek-a-boo experience for the children, protection from the elements and visibility for adults.

Extremely heavy duty 3/4" Polyethylene construction. Meets and/or exceeds ASTM F 2373-11 Standards, CPSC Guidelines and includes ADA accessible features. Arrives semi-assembled, installs in approximately 60-90 minutes. THE SIMPLIFIED ASSEMBLY CAN SAVE $THOUSANDS IN INSTALLATION COSTS.

Designed to be installed by conscientious workers with a limited skill level and does not require a contractor. Ages 6 - 36 mos. 124"w x 104"d x 94"h, 16"h deck.

Requires an 18' x 18' 4" use zone if used in an enclosed, supervised play area, 21' x 22' 4" in an unlimited access setting.

Play equipment for infants and toddlers must be installed over a shock absorbent material. A unitary surface is highly recommended and mandatory for some. 15 Year warranty.

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