Infant Toddler Deluxe Transitional Dream Playground, Bright Colors
Infant Toddler Deluxe Transitional Dream Playground, Bright Colors

Infant Toddler Deluxe Transitional Dream Playground, Bright Colors

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The Infant/Toddler Deluxe Transitional Dream Playground Structure, in Bright Colors, is the ideal solution for an infant/toddler play yard in a child care facility. This dynamic and and developmentally appropriate structure is packed with play value! It has become an essential tool to assist young children while learning to walk. It combines every safety play element imaginable. It supports many early developmental skills including gross motor skills, cognitive creative play skills, as well as social emotional skills.

The entire system includes various hand rails features throughout, providing support, to assist early walkers to become mobile. Crawlers will pull themselves up to a standing position, learn to balance, then use the features for stability as they cruise from play station to station throughout this inspirational playground. The ramp with hand rails on both sides supports mobility. Includes very safe, extra deep steps w/closed-off risers rails. The landing at the bottom creates an extra gathering space for children to interact with each other. The width of both the ramp stairs is ideal for a child to grasp one hand rail while climbing up to the deck, as a second child may grasp the opposing rail to exit down, safely simultaneously.

The Tracking Tube as well as both the Tracking Chute w/Ball Storage Bin and the Tracking Rail help develop eye-hand coordination gross motor skills. The texture panel supports the development of tactile visual perceptual skills.

Other features include two Steering Wheels, which are placed closely together to promote cooperative play, 1-Bubble Window w/Hand Rail, 1-Slide w/Safety Barrier above to prevent 'headers' by requiring the child to sit before exiting.  The Cozy Bench for 2 allows for a break from all the activities while developing socialization skills. Indestructible polycarbonate windows throughout provide visibility. Includes a total of 9 play events 6-ground level ADA activities.

Extremely heavy duty 3/4" Polyethylene construction. Meets ASTM F 2373-08 Standards CPSC Guidelines. Use Zones: In a supervised, limited access setting (whereas children older than 23 mos. will not have access) is 13'6" x 13'6", in an unlimited access setting is 19'6" x 19'6". Measures 89"w x 88"d x 48"h, 16"h deck, ages 6 - 23 mos.

Arrives semi-assembled; installation takes approximately 30-90 minutes and does not require skilled labor. 15 Year warranty. Conforms to ASTM F 2373-11 and CPSC guidelines.

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