JennSwing Molded Swing Seat

JennSwing Molded Swing Seat

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JennSwing is famous for offering physically challenged kids a comfortable swing seat for 8-feet high swing sets. The seat has protection belts, is wide, and has a high back. JennSwing supports the whole body of the child.

With its original, trivial plastic design, it provides kids with the opportunity to experience the excitement of swinging. The seat meets ADA accessibility rules for playground devices in public places. Though it can be used by any child, from toddler to school age children, it is intended for kids weighing 120 pounds and less.

The seat gives kids a secure and comfortable fun ride. The JennSwing is very relaxing. Each JennSwing includes required chain, s-hooks, and harness. Unit Size: 45" long x 14" wide x 11" deep, Seat to Back is 24", Knee to Foot is 14"

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