Jungle Quest, Use Zone 48' 2" x 52' 6"
Colors of Nature (Natural Color Scheme)

Jungle Quest, Use Zone 48' 2" x 52' 6"

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Three sections of different leveled platforms make up the Jungle Quest play structure. Children can take stairs or a stump climber to the first section where they can play with a clock panel or slide down a right turn slide. A tube bridge with window connects the first section with the middle section. 

Children can climb a paw print climber to the middle section where they can race down a double wave slide or take stairs to the highest level. Here they can either slide down a spiral slide or take a bones bridge tunnel to the third section. Below the bones bridge tunnel is a crawl tube at ground level. The third section is made up of platforms that gradually descend to a straight tube slide. 

The highest platform has a straight slide. Children can access this section by a bamboo arch climber. Tic tac toe, clock, ship's wheels, bongos, and drums will keep children busy. The Jungle Quest play structure is ADA compliant and designed for children 2-12 years of age.

This awesome structure is now available in 3 exciting color choices: Colors of Nature (Natural) -or- Rainbow Party (Primary) -or- Orange Crush. Select your favorite colors in the drop down menu above.

Jungle Quest
Child Capacity 70-80
Fall Height 6' 4"
Use Zone 48' 2" X 52' 6"
Age Appropriate 2-5 & 5-12
Post Diameter 5.0-Inch

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