King's & Queen's, Use Zone 33' 2" x 48' 3"
King's & Queen's, Use Zone 33' 2' x 48' 3'

King's & Queen's, Use Zone 33' 2" x 48' 3"

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Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? The Kings & Queens play structure! The upper front level has bubble, tic tac toe, bear, and a clock panel, so princesses in disguise know when it's time to make their escape down a spiral or double slide at either end of the front part of the structure. Thieves can crawl in castle crawl thrus found at ground-level of the front part of the structure. Children can climb up a rock hole or spiral climber to access the structure from behind, or they can take stairs. Two platforms extend back from the front; one descends and is surrounded by bubble and cottage panels, the other one stays at the same level as the rest of the structure, leading to a platform that has a lookout deck, ship's wheel and a spiral tube slide. The Kings & Queens play structure is ADA compliant with features like a ship's wheel, rain wheel, and bongos for children's play. This structure is designed for children 5-12 years of age.

King's & Queen's
Child Capacity 73-84
Fall Height 5' 6"
Use Zone 33' 2" X 48' 3"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 4.5-Inch

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