Large Multicultural Crayons - 8 Count
Large Multicultural Crayons - 8 Count

Large Multicultural Crayons - 8 Count

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Develop fine motor skills, hand development, social awareness and more! Provide art materials that will allow students to be successful. By providing crayons that represent many skin tones, you allow children to accurately make multicultural art work. Children will now be able to represent friends and family members. The larger crayon size is easier for young children (preschool age) to hold and is appropriate for their hand muscle development. Ages: 3+.

Skin tones included are:

  • 1 Sepia,
  • 1 Burnt sienna,
  • 1 Mahogany,
  • 1 Tan,
  • 1 Apricot,
  • 1 Peach,
  • 1 Black,
  • 1 White.

ECCERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 "At least 10 easily visible positive examples of diversity, with at least 1 example in each of the following: books, displayed pictures, and accessible play materials." (you can consider puppets and block play accessories. Do not include anything credited in 5.1. books should be recognizable by covers.) Pg. 64 & 65

SACERS: Cultural Awareness 5.1 "Many multicultural materials that reflect the diversity of peoples." (at least 4 easily visible examples including types of diversity other than gender.) Pg. 33

FCCERS-R: Promoting Acceptance of Diversity 5.1 "Many books, pictures, and materials showing people of different races/cultures, ages, abilities, and gender in non-stereotyping roles (Ex. both historical and current images; males and females shown doing many types of work including traditional and non-traditional roles).

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