Let's Tackle Kindergarten

Let's Tackle Kindergarten

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Encourage early language and literacy skills, math skills, numbers and operations, fine motor and much more! This tackle box is packed with fun activities that help prepare children for early success in school. Engages kids in key kindergarten readiness skills: social skills, personal well-being, listening and speaking, fine and gross motor, reading, handwriting, math, problem solving and creativity. Activity book allows you to track and reward progress. Box measures 13"L x 7"W x 6"H. Learning Styles: Tactile, Visual. Ages: 4+.


  • 10 double sided photo cards.
  • 4 stacking cups.
  • 60 plastic links.
  • 1 bean bag.
  • 2 foam dot dice.
  • 8 attribute blocks.
  • 36 lowercase letters.
  • 20 numbers.
  • 16 pet counters.
  • 1 write & wipe board.
  • 2 sticker sheets.

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Speaking and Listening, Reading Foundational Skills, Language Conventions, Numbers and Operations, Counting and Cardinality, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Measurement and Data.

Skill Development: Fine Motor Hone manual skills needed for handwriting in school. Add in play with the letters and write and wipe boards to trace and create words and students will be ready to write in no time!

Math Master: beginning math concepts using the included dot dice, counters, links, and numbers. Count the dots on the dice, find the corresponding plastic number and reinforce that learning by counting out that same number in counters or links.

Language: Provides opportunities to engage in interactive communication with peers and develop both expressive and receptive language skills.

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