Lime Point, Use Zone 43' 5" x 49' 10"
Lime Point, Use Zone 43' 5' x 49' 10'

Lime Point, Use Zone 43' 5" x 49' 10"

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Built in a shape of a V', the point of the Lime Point play structure has two overlapping platforms. Children can access the side that inclines to the point through stairs. While going up this side children have the option to slide down a right turn slide or a tube slide, or play with an alphabet panel or gear panel. If children decide to continue up to the top of the structure they must go through a covered incline bones bridge which provides the illusion of a tropical canopy. Once at the top, children can play with a tic tac toe panel or maze panel before sliding down a spiral slide. The other side of the Lime Point play structure stays low. To get on this side children can use a rock hole, inverted arch, or pod climber, or stairs. There is a double slide for children to go down and a bones bridge creates yet another jungle canopy feel. This structure is designed for children 5-12 years of age.

Lime Point
Child Capacity 95-109
Fall Height 8'
Use Zone 43' 5" X 49' 10"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 4.5-Inch

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