Mount Humphrey
Mount Humphrey

Mount Humphrey

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Test children’s skills and abilities through play on the Mount Humphrey play structure. The main part of the structure is made up of suspended platforms that ascend up. The highest platform has a triple slide split and a straight slide attached to it. Another straight slide is also attached to one of the mid-height suspended platforms. Children can test their climbing abilities with the spiral, pod, snake, and pebble climbers attached to the main structure. 

The pebble climbers lead off the main structure to a floating tunnel climber which attaches itself to a balance bridge, the balance bridge juts out to net climbers which attach themselves to challenger climbers. A pull-up bar and standing orbital spinner are also part of this section. The Mount Humphrey play structure is ADA compliant with features like bongos, a drum, a rain wheel, and a ship’s wheel for children to play with. This structure is designed from children 5-12 years of age.

Mount Humphrey
Child Capacity 85-87
Fall Height  7'5"
Use Zone 52' 4" x 64' 2"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 4.5-Inch

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