My Family Builders - 48 Piece Set

My Family Builders - 48 Piece Set

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Create a modern classroom and show your support for cultural diversity with these interactive magnetic blocks give children the ability to create unique family units.

Providing materials for many races, outfits, ages, and genders in same set allows children to create their own impressions of what families look like. This will be comforting for some children as families of differing values and beliefs will be represented.

Aside from being interchangeable, is also multicultural. Comes with a set of family cards that depict today's families. This product is designed to be representative of families of differing skin color, sexual orientation, marriage status (single and step) and, gender identity.

ITERS-R: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 "Dolls representing at least 3 races accessible (Ex. skin tones or facial features)." (Small dolls used in doll houses or block play do count) Pg. 45

ECCERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 "At least 10 easily visible positive examples of diversity, with at least 1 example in each of the following: books, displayed pictures, and accessible play materials." (you can consider puppets and block play accessories. Do not include anything credited in 5.1. books should be recognizable by covers.) Pg. 64 & 65

SACCERS: Cultural Awareness 5.1 "Many multicutural materials that reflect the diversity of peoples." (at least 4 easily visible examples including types of diversity other than gender.) Pg. 33

FCCERS-R: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 "At least 4 examples of props representing various races/cultures accessible for use in dramatic play (Ex. Dolls of different races; ethnic clothing; cooking and eating utensils from various cultural groups)." Must show no violence or stereotypes. Pg. 50 & 51

FCCERS-R: Promoting Acceptance of Diversity 5.1 "Many books, pictures, and materials showing people of different races/cultures, ages, abilities, and gender in non-stereotyping roles (Ex. both historical and current images; males and females shown doing many types of work including traditional and non-traditional roles).

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