Octagon Horizontal Rung Ladder
Octagon Horizontal Rung Ladder

Octagon Horizontal Rung Ladder

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Product ID:PGEC-PTC013

 The Octagon Rung Horizontal Ladder is a unique climbing structure which allows children to climb and play in ways that few other overhead climbers can match. A wonderful workout which promises a lot of challenge for the children, while promoting gross motor development!

Rather than a straight path which leads from start to finish, this structure has a full octagon-shaped loop in the middle. This allows users to decide whether they want to move clockwise or counterclockwise. It also increases the capacity of the structure, by allowing multiple kids can use it at the same time.

Since there are two ‘lanes of traffic’ children can simply use whichever side of the octagon that is unoccupied at the time. This is a particularly important feature, since every child will want a turn to use the Octagon Rung Horizontal Ladder during playtime. Best of all, it lets them climb around again and again as many times as they see fit. This way children don’t have to get off and back on after completing the course.

Age Range: 5-12 years Post Diameter: 3.5" Safety Zone: 19' 9" x 20'


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