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Playing musical instruments for just 45 minutes causes a noticeable improvement in a child's ability to focus, understand math, science, and performance on tests improves. Adding an outdoor musical garden or sensory sound park, will excite and inspire children musically, while experiencing the benefits of spending time in a natural environment.

Children learn through doing, exploring and improvising. They possess a natural instinct to create their own melodies and express their imaginations. These instincts are directed into learning music by hearing and making music first, then reading and writing it later, in the same way that we all learn our own language(s). To an adult, these are wonderful, World Class instruments. To a child, this is Brain Food!

Music is Therapy. Our instruments utilize the appeal of music to help people of all ages and abilities. Imagine the benefits of an environment where children (and/or adults) can explore, create and develop their own musical ideas and sounds. It maximizes their potential, during their most rapid developmental period, while discovering the joy and empowerment of making their own style of music.

"When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. When you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout" -Anita Collins

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Rockin' Drums
Product ID: EWMEC-007
UltraPlay - Whirl & Twirl Spinner Bowl
Product ID: Up10
Out of Stock.
Tubular Bells - Single or Set
Product ID: PP0008X
$749.99  $649.99
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Drum Beats
Product ID: PGEC-PFS001
$940.99  $783.99
Flowers, Choice of Sizes, Single or Set of 4
Product ID: FHP-02FL
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Product ID: PTP11613
Congas - Single Pair or Triple Pair
Product ID: PP0014X
$1,119.99  $949.99
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Wall Freechimes - Multiple Styles
Product ID: PP022XX
$1,179.99  $969.99
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Freechimes Ground Fixed - Multiple Styles
Product ID: PP021XX
$1,399.99  $1,161.99
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Product ID: PGEC-PMX005x
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Bongo Drums
Product ID: PGEC-PMX002x
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DouBBle Play Drum Table
Product ID: PM10022
$1,689.99  $1,339.99
Xylophone - Metal or Wood Available
Product ID: EWEC-110
Three Drum Table
Product ID: SS1393238
Melody - 9 note resonated xylophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01ML
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Product ID: PP0017X
$1,949.99  $1,679.99
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Jamaican Steel Drum
Product ID: GFP77111
Outdoor Upright Piano with a choice of either Portable or In Ground Base
Product ID: GFP77133X
Out of Stock.
Freestanding Bongos
Product ID: SY-922-225
Aria - 9 note xylophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01ARIA-X
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Mini Marimba
Product ID: PGEC-PMX003x
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TriPPPle Play Drum Table - Multiple Options Available
Product ID: PM10032
$2,149.99  $1,849.99
Freestanding Chimes
Product ID: SY-922-224
6 Note ‘G’ Major Pentatonic Chime Unit
Product ID: PM5006x
Bongo Bench
Product ID: PGEC-PMX001x
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Mini Sound Wave
Product ID: GFP77126
Cadenza - Multiple Options Available
Product ID: PP0001XX
$2,399.99  $2,119.99
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Music Book
Product ID: PP110X-X
$2,522.99  $1,869.99
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Babel Drum - Multiple Options Available
Product ID: PP0006XX
$2,649.99  $2,099.99
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Wall Marimba
Product ID: PP0016X
$2,679.99  $2,049.99
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Sound Wave
Product ID: GFP77135
Lady Bug Drum
Product ID: GFP77149
Mirror Chimes - Wall Mounted
Product ID: PP0015X
$2,959.99  $2,149.99
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QuaDDDD Play Drum Table - Multiple Options Available
Product ID: PM10041
$2,999.99  $2,389.99
Large Marimba
Product ID: PGEC-PMX004x
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Product ID: PP060
$3,132.99  $2,579.99
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Sansa-Rimba - Multiple Options Available
Product ID: PP003XXX
$3,299.99  $2,579.99
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Product ID: PP0019X
$3,299.99  $2,699.99
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Product ID: PP090
$3,334.99  $2,859.99
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Rainbow Sambas
Product ID: PP0013X
$3,359.99  $2,799.99
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FLOWER COLLECTION - Turquoise, Orange, Indigo, and Yellow Flowers
Product ID: FHP-08FC
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Griffin -11 note resonated metallophone, aluminum chimes, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01GR
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Product ID: PP0011X
$3,499.99  $2,879.99
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Pagoda Bells - 8 stainless steel bells, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHP-01PB
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